Metal Construction Trowel Award

This is a custom made 3D print award crafted by our in-house design specialist. After several concept boards and visual mock-ups, the final edition of this masterpiece featured 3D individual printed pieces of resin, fixed together by metal rods protruding from a center hub hidden away inside the center of the sphere. Each piece was hand painted and glossed over to give it that glassy feel while maintaining a higher sturdiness that natural glass awards would be. A wooden black polished and painted was selected as the base where a metal text-plate with custom colored print was applied.



APPX. HEIGHT: 11″ Tall
MATERIALS: 3D Print Resin, Aluminum, Oak Wood
TECHNIQUES USED: Hand-crafted, 3D Modeled & Printed, UV Print
APPX. PRODUCTION TIME: 5 weeks (rush available)


3D Print