Handmade Metal Bowling Trophy

Hand crafted metal trophy created using a plasma gun to cut and shape brass to resemble bowling pins. The inscription is directly carved into the metal by using a CNC machine. The metal is then oxidized to achieve a beautiful rustic look and a clear varnish is applied to protect it from corrosion at the same time adding a slight glossy effect.In front of the pins, a crystal sphere is attached resembling a bowling ball. The crystal sphere was created using a completely transparent crystal sphere and sandblasting it to create a matte finish. More sand carving was made to create vertical stripes, color filled to resemble customer’s logo. The entire trophy is supported by a natural black stone base.




APPX. HEIGHT: 12″ Tall
MATERIALS: Metal, Glass
TECHNIQUES USED: Hand crafted, Sandblasting, CNC
APPX. PRODUCTION TIME: 2 weeks (rush available)


Glass & Crystal, Metal